Practice Areas


Team with experience in arbitration procedures in Brazil and abroad, includes filing writs of prevention and urgent remedies, as well as the execution of arbitration decisions, procedures for annulment of arbitration decisions and ratification of foreign arbitration decisions.

Consultancy specialized in the negotiation and drawing up of arbitration clauses for all types of contract.


Legal aviation consultancy in general for airline companies, aircraft maintenance companies, parts manufacturers, aircraft financing national and international banks, including their respective collaterals. Incorporation of all types of air transport companies. Lawyers with decades of experience in defending the rights and interests of regional, national and international aviation companies, offer legal guidance on business routine and strategic questions.

Full legal regulatory guidance, as well as regulatory, administrative and judicial litigation in general on all matters of aviation law, including passenger rights.


Drawing up and review of different types of contracts, national and international, public and private, by a team of lawyers with negotiating experience in the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America, as well as support for negotiation.

Experience in revision and standardization of supply contracts in accordance with client’s internal policies for the purchase of equipments, products and services, as well as legal consultancy to meet the daily needs of the client’s commercial and administrative routine.


We handle all types of litigation in all Brazilian courts, including the supreme courts. Our streamlined structure means speedy action in the most complex administrative and judicial litigation. We can act locally with eminent correspondent offices familiar with Brazilian regional differences and chosen for their long partnership to maintain a high level of excellence.

Our lawyers are drawn from a wide range of specialties and seniority levels to ensure the best service and most suitable, safe and precise legal strategy. Our extensive physical structure uses leading technology for large scale case management, easily adapted to client needs. We have participated in major judicial and administrative cases in Brazil, with outstanding results.


We offer legal counseling for clubs, professional athletes, agents, investors and confederations, representation in sporting administrative bodies, trainer associations, labor unions and similar entities. We also handle litigation in all kinds of sporting tribunals and arbitration courts at state, national and international level, notably the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber and Court of Arbitration for Sport – CAS in Switzerland.

Control of international player transfers in the major football markets of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America as well as legal assistance for the international transfer of players, with lawyers fluent in English, French, German and Spanish.

Elaboration of projects for fundraising through incentives by public bodies.

Legal support for artists and advertising companies, theaters, opera, films and television programs. Experience with specific contracts for literary production, film and book distribution, biennial events and artistic projects in Brazil and abroad.


Full consultancy and legal counseling on urban and rural realty transactions, sale and purchase, mortgaging, real estate, incorporation, mergers, split-offs, large scale property development, and the constitution of condominiums and allotments.

Real estate regularization and constitution of real estate funds. Administrative collection and litigation for recovery of housing loans, including arbitration. International correspondents for legal consultation on real estate transactions abroad.


Administrative and judicial action for debt recovery, focusing on reducing the impact of defaults, with lawyers experienced in defending the interests of banks and loan companies.

Diverse creative mechanisms for judicial and extrajudicial solutions and commercial agreements, always in the client’s best financial and commercial interests. International collection in the United States and Europe.


Incorporation and structuring of companies, associations and foundations, including foreign-owned companies. Legal advice for foreign companies seeking to invest in Brazil.

Corporate reorganization, counseling, share acquisition and asset transfer, mergers, incorporations, spin-offs, conversion of corporate type, joint ventures, consortiums and strategic alliances.

Consultancy on corporate procedures, with the drawing up of minutes, articles of association, contractual or statutory alterations, shareholder and partnership agreements, internal administrative regulations and regimes, ethical codes, powers-of-attorney and all corporate documents, including the organization and updating of company books and documents.

Counseling on the winding up, liquidation and dissolution of companies. Carrying out of legal due diligence and counseling on private equity fund investments.


Legal assistance for all corporate needs concerning employment legislation.

Preventive consultancy on questions of individual and collective rights.

Administrative or judicial litigation nationwide. Capacity for mass management of labor contingencies, as well as legal consultancy and action in decommissioning of corporate activities in remote areas, with centralized information, speedy conciliation and technology to assist the client directly.


A team of attorneys specialized in Family and Successions Law with decades of experience in agreements and disputes related to divorce, constitution or dissolution of common-law marriage, parental alienation, conversion into marriage, adoption, property regime, family protection, alimony and its exoneration, agreements and disputes on properties, assets, testament and probates.


Specific performance in cases of Domestic and Family Violence against Women, including, as the case may be, the follow-up to Police Precincts, the requirement of restraining and protective orders and assistance to the prosecution. In this area, the Office has female attorneys with vast experience in welcoming women in situation of vulnerability.


In addition to the professionals’ technical competence, our dogma is to observe the strictest confidentiality in issues related to our Clients.

The team also relies on the expertise of a group specialized in the analysis of case law and doctrine of matters related to the area of Family Law, Successions, Domestic and Family Violence against Women.