AMELO means Legal Excellence


We are a full service office committed to legal excellence, offering innovative successful solutions.

Our team of lawyers and consultants work harmoniously in all areas of law. They are extremely dedicated to the task in hand and offer full legal personalized assistance to national and international clients through our own offices and strategic partners both in Brazil and abroad.

We work with synergy and interaction between multi-discipline teams and lawyers who exchange knowledge and experience with a view to obtaining best solutions and results for our clients.


To provide effective legal solutions with business vision and the capacity to innovate. Strengthen client loyalty by building relationships of mutual trust, technical excellence, ethics, creativity, agility and differentialized personal assistance. To develop professionals with respect, encouraging their academic progress through constant study and daily updating with a view to personal and professional satisfaction.


To exceed client expectation in achieving their aims, offering modern solutions at a fair cost. To plan, set out and develop projects, legal businesses, ideas, persons and talents, focusing on business advocacy and the appreciation of personal relationships.